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UFC 210 :How to Watch ,Start time tv Chanel

In the main event of UFC 210, Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson will face a second time. At their previous meeting, Cormier defeated Johnson for submission to win the vacant UFC light heavyweight title. The following categories will be key to deciding if Johnson can change the outcome or if the main event will be a repeat of his first fight.

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UFC 210

UFC 210

Live Stream: ➡ Watch HD Live Stream Free Here


UFC 210 Live Any discussion of a UFC 210 Johnson fight starts with power. Johnson hits very hard, and is an important factor in his success. He lands 1.79 knockdowns for 15 minutes of fight time. In 18 UFC fights, he has landed 13 knockdowns. Cormier does not even come close to Johnson’s power numbers. He has landed only 0.3 knockdowns for 15 minutes. In his first fight, Cormier was able to survive a first-round fall before re-winning. Johnson rarely lets his opponents off the hook that way. Before that fight, he had not missed a fight in which he scored a knockdown since he fell to Rich Clementi in 2007. Cormier will probably have to once again survive Johnson’s firepower if he wants to score a second win over the challenger.


If Johnson is famous for his power, then Cormier is similarly famous for his wrestling. Before entering a cage, Cormier competed against the best on mats and earned points on two US Olympic teams. He has continued that dominance in the UFC and Strikeforce since he has landed 1.93 takedowns for every 15 minutes of fight time. Interestingly, Johnson has a better average clearance while landing 2.48 kills per 15 minutes. However, Johnson’s days as a takedown artist are essentially finished. Since returning to the UFC as a light heavyweight in 2014, he has landed only three takedowns in seven fights. In his first fight, Cormier used his fight to subdue Johnson and eventually positioned himself for submission to the fight. The former Oklahoma State wrestler managed to drag Johnson to the ground three times. Upon entering the fight, Johnson had been knocked down only three times in their previous fights combined. In his 18-fight UFC career, Johnson has never won a fight in which an opponent scored a takedown. “Rumble” would do well to keep this fight on your feet for as long as possible.

Impact differential

Statistically, Cormier and Johnson are very similar in terms of scrimmage. Cormier’s striking differential is slightly better at 1.72, while Johnson is 1.65 (the striking differential is significant groundstrokes per minute minus significant hits absorbed per minute). Despite Cormier’s wrestling fund, Johnson really has a larger percentage of his significant strikes on the ground (30 percent compared to 24 percent for Cormier). Many of these strikes occur after Johnson has knocked down or shook his opponent, but also shows how Cormier would be prudent to get Johnson out of his game by taking the top spot.

Fight time

Due to his finishing ability,UFC 210 Johnson’s average fight time is much shorter than the champion’s. Johnson’s average fight time is 6:02 compared to 12:37 for Cormier. For most of his career, Johnson’s best road to victory was an early knockout. In UFC fights shorter than one round, he has a 90 percent winning percentage. In fights that last more than five minutes, that winning percentage drops to 50 percent. The bottom line is that if Cormier can survive an early attack, the momentum should almost certainly swing in his favor.Copy scorch